Academies are a school within a school, aligned to a career sector that supports one or more learning pathways. These academies offer students a more concentrated and immersive learning experience in their chosen area of interest. By providing a focused curriculum, real-world applications, and potential industry connections, academies aim to enhance student's educational experiences, better prepare them for future careers, and foster a deeper passion for their chosen endeavor.

Future Prep Academy - A 9th-grade academy offers personalized support, fostering a smooth transition to high school and laying the groundwork for future success

Engineering & Design - For those interested Creative and Graphic Design, engineering, Computer Sciences, Welding Technologies, Cyber Security, Digital Media, Information Technologies, etc.

Health & Medical Science - For those interested in Nursing, Healthcare, Medicine, Forensics, Biomedical Science, Paramedics, Behavioral & Mental Health, Sports Medicine, etc.

Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs - For those interested in Ed. Professions, Public Administration, Social Work, Political Science, Public Safety, Sales, Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Auto Technologies.